By Oscar I. Mukiri MEBO AFRICA CENTER A longstanding MEBO member of almost 10 years, Oscar I. Mukiri, a.k.a. Shalom to All and Thayu Na Andu Other, has offered our MEBO community the use of his property in Kenya as the headquarters of the new MEBO AFRICA CENTER. In addition,  the head the School of Law of a local Kenyan University has offered legal service pro-bono to register MEBO AFRICA CENTER as a Kenyan Charity.  More information will be forthcoming in this blog and the main MEBO BLOG very soon regarding this development.  Oscar's title will be registered as the Founder and Executive Director and I will be registered as the Assistant Executive Director, MEBO AFRICA. At the present time, MEBO Research is registered as a Not-For-Profit Company in England and Wales, and as a 501(c)3 Public Charity in the State of Florida, USA. Although both companies share the same management, each has a different executive director and each is a separate and independent entity from the

Update MEBO Africa

MEBO AFRICA's 1st Beehive Kit We are elated to announce that in only 9 days, members of the MEBO community have donated $120 to jump start MEBO Africa. Since MEBO Africa is and will consist of a wholly volunteer staff, we have been able to use these funds exclusively towards the goals of setting up MEBO Africa's goals and Mission, as depicted in the previous post in this blog dated 13 May.  Since MEBO AFRICA's aim to support the community in all African countries as much as possible, the donations were used to do business with African companies. The funds were invested as follows: 50$USD:  Purchase a 1 year subscription of cPanel hosting with Yegara Host , an Ethiopian secure & fastest web hosting provider.  One of MEBO Africa's directors has volunteered his professional services to design the website for us. 70$USD for the purchase of a wooden beehive kit from a local Kenyan beehive maker. The bees will be attracted from the surrounding environment a